Differential effects on Food Labeling on Consumption

Hello Guys,

My name is Blina Kruja, and I am a rising senior. This summer I will continue working on a project I started as part of my independent study with professor Forestell. Currently, we have run about 130 participants, and I am waiting to finish my finals, so I can start analyzing the data. Although incomplete, this is a working abstract of the study, so you can have a better idea of what I have been, and will be doing this summer.

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Are You Sure You Want to Eat That? The secret role of subtle cues in one’s daily life can lead to overeating, even distasteful foods!

From the Sesame Street puppets to the First Lady’s campaign, adults and children alike are being educated about the importance of healthful eating. Supermarkets have filled their shelves with all-natural, fat-free and no-sugar-added products, as more people are switching to low-calorie diets. However, obesity-related diseases have become one of the main causes of deaths in the U.S. today. Referred to as the American Obesity Paradox, this phenomenon describes the parallel increase in both obesity rates and in customer’ demand for low-calorie foods. This puzzling contradiction has gained significant interest over the past decades, including mine.  These, are some of my favorite studies, and findings that have inspired our research….

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