Summer Honors Project: Video Installation Proposal Abstract

For my honor project, Projecting Emotion: Multimedia Installation in Studio Art Practices, I will make a series of works using videos, projections, interactive designs as well as objects. The core of my project is rooted in sculptural issues and considerations. The project will explore and experiment with the idea of creating unreal events by making virtual light/virtual images, and how such virtual light/image exists in evolving cycles of rhythmic time and how it can be approached by or extend to our bodily senses. While a real event emanates from real circumstances, an unreal event is the tidbit of hallucinations gleaned from real circumstances put together to form a reproduction of reality. My work is an ongoing event of such reproduction. The medium of the reproduction can be divided into three components—light, time, and senses. The thin layers of virtual light (for example, in videos and projections), the rhythm and changing cycles of time, and the senses within or extending outside of bodies, all are the materiality and technique used in the making of unreal events. The light, rhythmic time and senses also become the texture and storyline woven into the unreal event. They are not separate factors but are intertwined with each other to form ideas and concepts and to complete the texture and structure of my work.

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Differential effects on Food Labeling on Consumption

Hello Guys,

My name is Blina Kruja, and I am a rising senior. This summer I will continue working on a project I started as part of my independent study with professor Forestell. Currently, we have run about 130 participants, and I am waiting to finish my finals, so I can start analyzing the data. Although incomplete, this is a working abstract of the study, so you can have a better idea of what I have been, and will be doing this summer.

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