Models and Mud: Models and Data

Modeling the Waipaoa Shelf

For anyone not familiar with my previous posts, my research focuses on modeling hydrodynamics (waves and currents) and sediment transport on the continental shelf offshore of the Waipaoa River, New Zealand.  I will use the model to analyze how and where sediment is transported and deposited.  I’m working as part of a study analyzing flood deposits.    

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Models and Mud: Another Mud Cruise

Monday, September 6 – the Waipaoa River

While waiting for the ship to arrive in Gisborne harbour, Joey (student from East Carolina University, and photographer of the pictures of the river) and I walked down to the Waipaoa River – the reason we are here in the first place.  And being interested observers, we noted a few cool observations:

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Models and Mud: Preparation for the 3rd New Zealand Cruise

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Models and Mud: The last few days

Tudesday: Models and Mud: Last day of sampling

We didn’t even think we’d get to sample today or yesterday afternoon because of a weather system moving through the area, so today seemed like an added bonus. More coring, CTD-ing and so on happening.

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Models and Mud: Deploying Tripods!

Posted for Monday, 24

Tripods: noun, plural: three legged metal frames to which instruments are attached. The tripods sit on the ocean floor measuring water and seabed properties.

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Models and Mud: All mud is equal, but some is more equal than others

Posted for Sunday, May 23

 (Brownie points if you know the quote referenced in the title!)

Highlight of the Day: We saw a fluid mud layer today! Its a layer of fluid mud, or water with very high sediment concentrations that forms a distinct layer. It was a couple centimeters in depth on top of the sediment core and had a distinct boundary with the water above it. They have not been observed in that many places and so this was a very cool find!

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Models and Mud: It’s a ‘Mud Cruise’

Posted for Saturday, May 22

Our cruise is a ‘mud cruise’ because we are taking sediment samples onto the boat. 

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Models and Mud: Life on the Kaharoa

From Friday, May 20

Field work has started with a bang. The ship left Auckland with most of the science crew on Tuesday and I met it in Gisborne when it arrived on Thursday. From Thursday until this coming Tuesday, we will be collecting as much data as possible. We will be replacing the batteries for instruments that we left in the water in January, taking sediment cores with a multi-corer and measuring water properties with a CTD.

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Models and Mud: Connecting the River to the Model

Finally, I’m near the study site! I’m now in Gisborne, the closest city to the Waipaoa River mouth, and about ~8 hours north by bus from Wellington. I met up with Joey Kiker, another graduate student from East Carolina University on the project. The rest of the crew should arrive by boat later today from Aukland! Today, I got to talk with Greg Hall, a hydrologist (a scientist who studies rivers) at the Gisborne District Council, and picked up keys for a shed we’ll be using for the fieldwork.

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Models and Mud: Visit with a New Zealand oceanographer

Well rested and almost caught up on my jet lag, I spent yesterday talking with Dr. Mark Hadfield, an ocean modeler at NIWA.   NIWA, or the National Institute for Water and Atmosphere, is roughly the New Zealand equivalent of the USA’s NOAA.  I wanted to talk about the boundaries of my model, and Dr. Mark Hadfield is an expert about modeling New Zealand waters. 

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