Reflection of The Camino de Santiago Part 2

We got up at around 7 am, then walked for about 15-20 miles, handed out surveys along the way, found our stay and a place to eat in the next town, then repeated each step for the next day. Sounds easy right? The answer for me was both yes and no. Although I adjusted to the routine easily, I soon however started to get back pain, realizing I may have over packed. Fortunately, I did not get any blisters on my feet, but I experienced sharp pain within the arch of my foot as we would get closer to the next town daily (probably due to not breaking in my hiking shoes). To make the journey a bit harder, the terrain was a bit hilly, accompanied by the hot sun. However, with all the obstacles I mentioned, I did experience a great deal of peace when walking the Camino, as being in nature definitely takes your mind off the physical stresses you may feel. Every day, I was fortunate enough to witness the beautiful landscape of northern Spain, I got to meet amazing people, and just walk for miles to the sound of nature. 

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The last day was supposed to be the most challenging since it was a 25 mile journey into Santiago de Compostela, but oddly enough, I found the first couple of days on the Camino (walking 10-13 miles) to be more difficult. My journey becoming easier towards the end of the pilgrimage could be because my body was adapting to the physical stresses of hiking and other environmental changes, or also because of the camaraderie I felt when getting closer to the end. I could feel the excitement and see it on everyone’s face as we got closer to Santiago. Again, I come back to how the strong the mind and body connection is. More specifically, I believe, as we associate positive thoughts or place ourselves in more familiar positive environments, do we then see positive physical results. In other words, if a pilgrim has positive spiritual journey, they in result, they may suffer from less injuries in the end. Once the data from our research is organized and analyzed, can we confidently then say whether not we support our claims.