Camino de Santiago Research Reflections

62388440_2045339535594971_8053135208385347584_n 62616699_2045339235595001_6837145338852147200_nMy grant has truly played a crucial role to complete my Camino de Santiago Research. I have been doing independent research in William & Mary’s molecular and cardiovascular laboratory with Professor Harris. For the last couple of years I have been looking at native spanish pilgrims doing el Camino de Santiago, an ancient 800 km pilgrimage  to Santiago de Compostela, and their motivators for doing such a physically demanding journey. I’ve been researching the impact that spirituality has on incidence of injury as well as injury recovery from these pilgrims and their experiences en el Camino the Santiago. I am an advocate for holistic health and truly believe that integrating this research into Kinesiology & health Science is essential for advances in this field. Being able to not only research but complete the pilgrimage and obtain data to later on analyze for my research has been life changing and truly crucial to finish the last stages of my research.