Research Update

I returned from my research trip to London earlier this summer and found a lot of really interesting things! I visited the National Archives in London where there were a wide variety of documents and reports that outlined the student movements that were rising up in both East and West Pakistan. They detailed various aspects of the movements and even the British governments contribution and involvement with them, which was largely educational and set up through the dispersion of aid to help improve infrastructure and curriculum.

The National Archive in London!

The National Archive in London!


Along with these great primary sources at the National Archives, I also went to the British Library to look into news articles and any relevant media sources. There I found a few BBC radio recordings for Radio Pakistan, from the late 1960s which detailed student attitudes towards the growing East/West Pakistan divide which would ultimately lead to Bangladeshi independence. It was eye-opening, as it not only presented me with an important resource that I could incorporate in my research, but also really gave me an idea and sense of what the youth were fighting for and their political awareness.


Ultimately, this was a fruitful and productive research experience and I am hoping that this will help me write a thesis that will incorporate these valuable primary sources to shed light on a chapter of Pakistani history that is often overlooked.

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