In Search of Earthworks: Ife-Sungbo Archaeological Project begins

IMG_5894The other members of the team arrived Nigeria on the 4th of June 2017. I arrived a little bit earlier to catch up with Family and friends, and to do preliminary preparations for the project. Ile-Ife has an intriguing past, it is well known for its naturalistic objects regarding artefactual endeavor as well as its recognition as the home/birthplace of the Yoruba civilizations.

It’s the third season of the 5-year long archaeological work directed by Gerard Chouin, of the Department of History, College of William and Mary. The plan is to continue the excavation of Unit C from the past year and to carry out some reconnaissance survey of the ancient Ile-Ife city. This activity is to begin today, and I will surely provide updates on our finds.

I will stay at Ife for this week before I leave for Ijebu-Ode; the core area of the Ijebu Kingdom which was surrounded by the largest single monument in Africa known as ‘Sungbo-Eredo.’ Sungbo Eredo is a 180km long earthwork that was mentioned as early as the 16th-century Portuguese traveler’s accounts. In this bid, archaeological works have been focused in this monument. My research is to carry out a reconnaissance survey of the core area of this kingdom and to retrieve the fast disappearing inner earthworks within Ijebu-Ode as all research works have focused only on the outer ring. All hands are on deck as we wait earnestly for the outcome of this research. My name is Olanrewaju Lasisi, a Ph.D. candidate from Anthropology department, I will be giving you updates here for sometimes. Please enjoy the ride with me.