Studio Art Independent Study and Projects

Like the blog I wrote earlier this semester, in this blog I will post some more of my works.


fail to trade in an elevator

elevator piece1                         IMG_2782

This piece is specifically designed for a double-door elevator (unfortunately the double-door elevators on campus do not allow project like this). The window-like frame of eight two-way mirrors is hung from above with the light inside the elevator being relatively dimmer than the light outside. These four cone-like things on the “window”?replace the outsiders’ faces and reflect the insiders’ faces at the same time. While I initially made this piece for anyone in the public, I then founded that it could be a rather personal, performative sculpture being performed by my twin brother, Zhengzhou Huang and me standing on either side.



IMG_2783                                        IMG_4675



saudade vending machine



I did this video installation on the vending machine in Theatre Dept. This piece is actually quite site specific in terms of the space and lighting. I took a series of continuous photos of 2 snacks falling one by one slowly and made them into a billboard like photo slideshow video with background music as Joao Gilberto’s Chega De Saudade and Undiu. This genre of music is famous for being easy-listening and has been widely used as cafe and/or elevator music, as Joao Gilberto’s songs are famous for creating an intimate effect. The video is projected onto a window blinds installed on the vending machine. People can adjust the openings by turning the orange red window blinds stick.


IMG_2930                                                       IMG_2928




spin in isc


This work is a collaboration work of my brother Zhengzhou Huang and I. At first my brother brought up with performance idea which is to perform with both of us wearing the masks he made. By wearing the masks, we wear our phones (phones in a camera app) on our right half of our faces. From there we try to match our left half face with our right half faces on the phones while we also start to walking in a circle. Later on, I came up with the projection/video installation idea and the place to do this performance which is the second floor of ISC (the Starbucks area) where there are those dizzy glasses and hanging lights with a reflective yellow wall. We worked collaboratively on the specific details of performing and video editing as well as projection. Ideally each glass panels on the hallway will be projected while due to the limited access to projectors we only did three panels.