An Installation: Video, Sound, Space

This video being projected on both sides of the bodyx-size “box” I made is a performance by three different people (Michael Draeger, Liam Corcoran, and me, Zhengyang Huang).

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The performance was us balancing a former sculpture piece (a really sculpture made with stainless steel rods and aluminum rods of which there are a two long “arms” extruding out) I made on shelves in front of a mirror, on the life-size “box”. I found the sound of failure to balance, dropping, things slipping off, etc, really interesting and tracked these sound by marking the image with red distortion.

   1                                                    IMG_6204

(Sorry images lost some of their quality after updating to the website.)

The red swings with the two metronomes on top of the “box”. While those two metronomes are tuned to imitate the rhythm of sound in those two videos, the constant ticking begins to act like an axis and gravitates the creaking, squealing sound of the video. As the box is approximately the size of a human body, the box becomes to be recognized as the body with endless, looped moving and sounding yet being counted and wrapped up by metronomes. Ideally, this piece would be in a busy train station where people walk by, from one side of the box to another, from one end of the sound range to the other end. It is from there that other noises from the hustle and bustle become an orbit that my work gravitates. It is to resonate the space and to project light and sound that wrap up viewer’s senses and made it into a passageway, or to say a trajectory. As my work become an axis that a portion of the space revolves around, the work will be wrapped up too from which it is no longer static.

IMG_6208      IMG_6214


Installation by Zhengyang Huang; Performers in the videos Michael Draeger, Liam Corcoran, Zhengyang Huang